Show up to vote on Election Day …

Great stuff @spunout I believe all votes count and very much so that young peoples voice, participation and vote does count more – after all they are the next future generation on this island.

Young people may be asking themselves – “Why should I bother to vote? Does my vote count? The same people will win whether I vote or not. So why should I vote?” These are good questions, and there are other reasons to vote and your vote counts in ways you never thought of.

I believe turn out is very important because the people who turn out and vote are the ones that rule! If you don’t turn out, you lose! I

If you show up and vote, and get your friends to show up and vote, you are doing a service to the interests of young people, even if you vote for the wrong person. I wouldn’t worry too much about voting for the wrong person the first time. But if a lot of young people show up and vote, the politicians will get the message that young people are a political force to be reckoned with. The needs of the youth will become more important to elected officials. They’ll be more interested in what you need if you turn out to vote.

This world isn’t a fair world. If you want to get what you want you have to go out and go after it. You can’t count on politicians taking care of you all of the time. So if you want to make a difference and be somebody, go out to vote.

Many young people wonder, “What can one person do?” You would be amazed by what one person can do if you’re willing to get involved. One person, you, can make all the difference by being in the right place at the right time and saying the right thing. You can change the world and make this world a better place. All you have to do is learn how to be politically effective.

Again, the first step is to register to vote and show up to vote on election day. That get’s you in the process. But there are several other things you can do to. Politicians travel a lot and come to your town. When they do, go there and meet them. When you meet them, tell them what your interested in. Sometimes they actually listen. If you want to be in the right place, go to where the people who are elected are.


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