Friends with Leghowney Country Market

Message from our friends at Leghowney Country Market:
“Help us to spread our message. We have always believed that for a product to be branded “local” that it must fall into certain criteria. One of these is that the producer must have an affinity with the product i.e. must actually produce the product themselves. Another equally important one is that the producer and product must have the same affinity with the community that they serve. This is what we strive for in Leghowney- each and every producer shares with a passion that very ethos. That is why this morning, Derek and Peter were invited to the local school with their demonstration hive. One hundred and seventy two (Yes you got it, 172) young minds were opened to the world of bees and beekeeping. It was an absolute pleasure to share this experience- so many questions-such interest. It was amazing!!.We have to thank the staff of St Francis’s for this opportunity.
Comming from a small rural setting, Leghowney Country Market will never have the resources to launch an advertising campaign to tell everyone what we do. We will never be able to afford “the model farmer standing by a gate with a big friesian cow looking over his shoulder, telling everyone “Hey Look at me-I’am Irish” marketing ploy. Instead we rely on you to do it all for us. Your opinions count with us. You are our marketing people! As we approach the “300 likes” mark on our page, we would like to ask everyone to ask their friends or even friends friends to give our page a like We would love to reach the 500 mark for Christmas-what a Christmas present that would be for us. It doesen’t matter where people are based-Our message of “Localism” has a global impact. So please help us on this one. We are depending on you Thanks a Million everyone.”



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