@blissberryfarm @sthdonegalbees Apiary

…pollination, honey, natural products, stress reduction and just the wonderful experience that beekeeping is and also making new friends and a small positive contribution to the local and global environment.

We believe bees at our @blissberryfarm @sthDonegalBees Apiary we help pollinate nearby gardens and farm crops so the plants produce more fruit and seed. That means more blooms and higher fruit & vegetable yield. Bees aren’t the only means of pollination, but they are responsible for up to 80 percent of all insect-driven pollination. And because they’ll likely gather nectar from an even larger area, they’ll help pollinate beyond our Apiary contributing to a more diverse, sustainable eco-system.

Not forgetting local fresh honey! Honey has been used for centuries to soothe sore throats and touted for other health benefits as well. You can buy our local honey at Leghowney Country Market or contact Derek (085) 174 0647 Peter (086) 699 3955

Natural products – you can use the wax from the honeycombs to make natural products like candles, moisturizing creams, lip balm and even furniture polish. Contact Thomas at Donegal Bees ((087) 205 9296) about these products and more. http://www.donegalbees.ie

Beekeepers @sthDonegalBees tend to be generous with their knowledge, and share experiences and ideas with others through beekeeping associations or clubs – our next monthly club meeting is at 8pm, Tuesday, 6th May at the hall of the Glebe school (behind Supervalu) in Donegal Town. All welcome!

Our Healthy Gardening Programme and stress reduction. Bees are fascinating to watch, and give insight into how a health community functions and much more….

More info from Larry at 0877642917 or email blissberrysocialfarm@gmail.com



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