Blissberry Apiary


This Apiary Project in collaboration with the South Donegal Bee Keepers Association was conceived by Blissberry Farm as a tool to express wider green issues of sustainability at Blissberry and its environs in South Donegal.

Derek Byrne, Peter O’Connor and South Donegal Beekeepers Association provided support and help towards the launch pad for the Blissberry Apiary Project to take flight.

On the wings of strong partnerships and a increase of local interest, beehives are managed at Blissberry Farm under the mentorship of Derek Byrne are now installed adjacent to the working farm ‘social farming’ Healthy Community Gardening site.

Intertwined Blissberry Social Farm and South Donegal Beekeepers Association: – this Blissberry Apiary Project pivots on intertwined green environmental and educational goals.  At the core of this project is a multi-pronged, multi-aged learning experience that uses beekeeping as a thematic avenue for dynamic hands-on education and the cultivation of local land stewardship.


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