Blissberry Farm #socialfarming 


It lets you be outside a lot, including in the wind, rain and the burning sun when we have it! 

It involves getting your hands dirty. And it does teach you a lot about the natural rhythms of the seasons and how to produce your own food, which is very satisfying.

There are a lot of different things we do here, depending on where we are in the season.

We plant seeds in the pollytunnel, transplant out seedlings into the field and raised beds, weed the raised beds, pick blueberries and harvest vegetables, feed and water hens, ducks, ponies, donkeys, sheep, lambs, among other things lambing in March.

We operate as sustainably as possible, grow incredible blueberries, have some varieties of vegetables and fruit.

We use NO poisonous pesticides or herbicides.

Instead we rely on plants’ natural defense systems and ecological solutions to solve pest problems.

As environmental advocates, we try to walk our talk and create the changes we want to see in the world through our choices on a daily basis.

Good countryside fresh air, brown earth and human kindness are the seeds of a new revolution in the way we care for society’s most vulnerable individuals which today is taking shape across Europe’s farms and fields – SOCIAL FARMING

It’s transforming lives and there’s something deeply intuitive about caring for the individual through the care of the land.

Blissberry Farm wants to engage, connect in and take on this type of work after reading the literature and research – nationally and internationally. Enthused and stimulated by visits to Social Farms throughout Europe particularly in Italy, we believe the opportunity is right to shape a new service which helps people and to use our skills and knowledge in an innovative social entrepreneurship way.

Contact Larry Masterson 087 7642917
@blissberryfarm or


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