Getting a #socent off the ground #SocialFarming has great potential . . .

Blissberry Farm Mountcharles

Social Farming’ (also called ‘Care Farming’ in the UK) has strong ‘innovation & on farm diversification’ potential which combats #social inclusion #poverty #isolation #mentalhealth & #educational issues #life skills and much more.

This innovative widely adopted growing movement in Europe which has a strong presence here in Ireland and UK on family farms (like @blissberryfarm Mountcharles Donegal) provides services to those who are isolated within their own communities – is at the core of SOCIAL FARMING – which gives various vulnerable groups including those with disabilities, mental health, people with addictions, prisoners, older people, people with acquired brain injuries and people with physical and sensory challenges the opportunity to benefit from working with animals, plants and nature within their own community.

Social Farming going forward . . .

@blissberryfarm Winner of JFC Innovation Rural Service Award 2014

Social Farming Across Borders @Lairdhse06 @blissberryfarm

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