Blissberry Farm Mountcharles is a working farm first with Blissberry Social Farm a ‘SOCIAL FARM’ in progress and just completed as a PILOT SOCIAL FARM with Social Farming Across Borders Programme (SoFAB) please revert to @lairdhse06 http://www.socialfarmingacrossborders.org for Blissberry Social Farm Profile & Activities 2013-14.


Blissberry Social Farm is a welcoming and friendly small holding environment, where we provide activities to encourage physical activity, and opportunities to develop self-esteem while giving an insight and experience of a rural way of life.

Blissberry Farm is a social farm, where combining care of the land with care of people, in a setting where they feel safe, respected and engaged in meaningful activity. A partnership between farmers, participants and health & social care agencies that develops people’s potential rather than focusing on their limitations.

Location and environment is ideal for people to benefit from being and particpating in the countryside, the natural environment, working with animals and involvement with associated development projects.

Get in touch with us details:

Tel 0877642917
Email blissberrysocialfarm@gmail.com
Where to find us: Munterneese Mountcharles Co.Donegal

Open by appointment



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