BLISSBERRY FARM MOUNTCHARLES @blissberryfarm – Pathway towards recovery, progression and social inclusion #socialfarming and SoFAB @lairdhse06

Blissberry Farm Mountcharles is a working farm first with Blissberry Social Farm a ‘SOCIAL FARM’ in progress and just completed as a pilot farm with Social Farming Across Borders Programme (SoFAB)
please revert to @lairdhse06 for Blissberry Social Farm Profile & Activity 2013-14.
Social Farming I believe is a form of diversification for farmers and their families. These farms help promote mental as well as physical health and wellbeing. As Social Farmers we work with a wide variety of participants, by performing tasks such as looking after animals or tending vegetables, social farms like Blissberry also helps people to reconnect with nature (ECOTHERAPY – Conservation Green Gym in the Woodlands) and their communities which in turn offers them a pathway towards recovery, progression and social inclusion. They also offer the opportunity to develop a wide range of ‘green’ technical and life skills which can improve life and possible positive pathways to a better quality of life.



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