Hungry for some fresh, local ideas & food? @DonegalLEO @DonegalETB @Donegal_food @VillageTav

Why not let Donegal schools be ahead of the curve on school-lunches (with a strong commitment to fresh and #local food) and play it’s part with future #schoolgardens.

Let’s have a round table discussion sooner than later. We believe we owe it to our young people and our communities more than ever.

Lets seriously put Donegal on the map for local food and work together for the better of all.

Donegal Local Enterprise Office; Donegal ETB; Donegal Food Coast; Master Chef Enda O’Rourke (Donegal’s Food ‘Entrepreneur’) and others (e.g Health Promotion HSE & Schools & Colleges) discuss the possibilities of a ‘Farm to School’ programme in Donegal collaboratively in which all partners work towards implementing healthy, nutritious school meals incorporating local food products and school gardens as well as lessons in health, nutrition, food and agriculture.

Activities could include school gardens, student field trips to farms, farmer visits to schools, farm to school concepts integrated into school curriculum and cafeteria food coaches encouraging young people to eat healthy and local foods!

Interested in finding out more about this exciting workable partnership possibility with @mccrudenj1 and @blissberryfarm contact Larry Masterson
– email

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