More than vegetables growing at Blissberry Farm Mountcharles 

Healthy Community Gardens can make significant contributions to the health of the earth and to the enrichment of our communities.

Today I believe healthy gardening programmes like the one here at Blissberry Social Farm with Joanne Butler @OURganicG is a small but serious challenge to many current policies and practices which put profit before human needs—greenery, open space, fresh food.

But you’ll find far more than just a place to grow some seasonal food. 

Vegetable gardening is a proactive PRACTICE.

I like to emphasize that word PRACTICE – the same one used to describe the practice of meditation. Gardening is stress relief, fresh air, exercise, and interconnection with the natural world. Vegetable gardening brings forth productivity. It is a way of being actively engaged in solutions to major world problems. 

  Vegetable gardening – particularly when done together as a community – can be tremendously healing, particularly in these turbulent times.



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