Community Gardens Champion – Joann Butler @OURganicG is more than just a green thumb!

I believe creating a successful COMMUNITY GARDEN takes more than just a green thumb and Joanne Butler with her passion, skill and expertise proves that.

I’ve learned from listening and watching Joanne from OURganicGardens Gortahork work over the past few years – that it takes time, dedication, leadership, and organisation. Often these elements are overlooked my many, and as a result, initial enthusiasm is lost and community gardens are short-lived.

This isn’t so on Joanne’s patch!

Within the community gardens throughout central and west Donegal Joanne provides all participants with both the technical horticulture skills, knowledge, and practices to ensure a productive and abundant harvest. She also provides the tools for community organising and community resource mobilisation to build and maintain successful and sustainable community gardens.

“It all starts with the soil! Learn how to build the healthy soil you need to grow strong and successful gardens.”
– Wise words from Joanne.

Topics shared from Joanne’s workshop – preparing garden beds, spacing and thinning techniques, specific plant growing requirements, crop rotation, and non-chemical growing principles for healthy and thriving gardens.

Donegal is known for its strong community and thriving gardens – all great credit due to Joanne.

Keep up this fantastic work and long may it last Joanne.

Thank You.


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