Why is the ‘Healthy Community Gardening Programme’ at Blissberry Social Farm a good idea? – @blissberryfarm & @mccruddenj1

Blissberry Healthy Gardening Programme – tomorrow (Tuesday) – where people come together, make new friends and learn from each other, while developing a garden which subscribes to practical, sustainable and organic ‘like’ principles. (We are no longer certified but continue to practice organic standards).

You may be asking, “Why is community gardening a good idea at Blissberry Social Farm?” There are many answers to that question. The personal and societal benefits include:

Learning how to grow your own food: a valuable skill that will help you in the future

You get to eat fresh veggies without paying for them!

Health benefits from fresh air and exercise. Working in the soil is good for your skin, and your memory

The garden on the farm is a social space where you can meet new people

It’s a way to change the food system and make it more sustainable and equitable

Contributes to food security and anti-poverty efforts

Community hours (gardening counts as volunteering!)

Contributes to the restoration and enhancement of the natural environment

Builds community!
Gardening is fun and rewarding!

Contact us now to get involved and for more information!!

Contact @blissberryfarm or @mccruddenj1



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