Putting Rural Communities First – Keep #LEADER in the community: NO to Alignment. #saveldcs

LEADER’s approach involves a rural development methodology that is based on a number of core components including partnership, ‘bottom-up’ territorial development, innovation and cooperation.

LEADER across Europe is about working in partnership with communities in new ways: this might involve rural development approaches that apply new ideas, using new techniques, focusing on alternative markets, bringing diverse sectors and stakeholders together via new networking methods, supporting new priority groups, or finding new solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

Who rolled these programmes
out in Ireland – Local Development Companies did – and made huge contribution in building capacity,competence and confidence of citizens and communities. Now and more than ever these local development companies on this island need to remain and continue the good work.

Remember over the years it was these companies thar worked with communities in the areas of employment, self-sustainability and attracted investment, helped to improve and bring more amenities and facilities into rural areas.

Now their future is uncertain and such development groups are calling on the public to come out and support them.
Keep #LEADER in the community: NO to Alignment. Support your local development company at LEADER Rally, July 9th at Dail Eireann. #saveldcs



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