Visitors from Canada and Greece this week to @blissberryfarm were told “It’s a working farm first with many on-farm activities”

“Social farms like @blissberryfarm here in Mountcharles promotes mental and physical health and well-being through participation with normal farming activities. It’s a working farm first with many on-farm activities” so said Larry Masterson.

Larry Masterson joint owner of Blissberry Farm with his wife Winifred and son Patrick informed Canadian and Greek visitors to the farm this week …

“Social Farms are community/social inclusion -based interventions that make use of crops, animals and the land itself to enable vulnerable people to develop a range of skills in a safe and restorative working natural environment.”

“Each social farm session is tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of the individual or group. Flexibility, choice and customisation are key to all our visits whether just for the day or longer.”

Larry also inform the visitors that “Social Farming is also referred to as ‘Ecotherapy’ “. He spoke of evidence gathered from the UK base Mental Health NGO organisation called MIND which stated lately “ecotherapy has a role to play in building and supporting our wellbeing and resilience, and keeping us all healthy.”

Please revert to ‘Feel better outside, feel better inside: Ecotherapy for mental wellbeing, resilience and recovery’ Link –




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