South Donegal Beekeepers Association @SthDonegalbees Monthly Meeting

The July meeting of the South Donegal Beekeepers will be held on Tuesday 1st July at 8.30pm in the GLEBE NATIONAL SCHOOL HALL DONEGAL TOWN .The hall is located at the rear of the Glebe School at the back of SuperValue

The Importance of Feeding

Could those members who have got new bees remember to keep feeding them

A queen will not lay to her full potential if the colony lacks pollen and honey. Keep feeding your new colony honey, or sugar syrup 1:1 and pollen substitute until they occupy two deep hive bodies.

Even if plenty of natural pollen is available a new colony will not have a sufficient foraging force until newly emerging workers are at least three weeks old.

It can take six weeks before the foraging bees can supply the food to meet the needs of a young, laying, queen. Lack of food is the main reason new colonies do not build up quickly.

Keep your new bees well fed.



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