More than Vegetables take root and grow at Blissberry Social Farm!

Research has shown that gardening is good for our emotional and physical
well-being.The combination of fresh air and exercise, the peace and tranquility of nature in the countryside and the satisfaction that comes with nurturing something and watching it grow are all aspects that contribute to improving how we feel on all levels. It’s great to see these little projects popping up with a focus on the therapeutic benefits we can all take from reconnecting with nature.

Here at Blissberry Farm we have teamed up for the second year with Donegal Family Resource Centre, in association with Donegal ETB, HSE Health Promotion and Donegal County Council to deliver a community garden project.Through our practical and creative sessions, people can learn about sowing seeds and planting out, weeding and watering, digging and hoeing, making raised beds,
harvesting and tasting!

We offer open green space without walls, a save environment, home grown vegetables (to take home with you!), meet new friends – not to mention a little light exercise and an introduction to ‘Relaxation’!

This exciting Blissberry Social Farm initiative in collaboration with Donegal Family Resource Centre takes place at Blissberry Farm Doorin Mountcharles every Tuesday at 10.30 and will
continue on a weekly basis every Tuesday right through during the growing season.

For further information about this project, you can contact Larry Masterson at 087 7642917 or AnnMaire at Donegal Family Resource Centre 0749725337



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