Want to make a confident start with Beekeeping – Check out today at our Apiary @sthDonegalBees

Introduction Course
We are running an introductory course at our Apiary today in collaboration with Donegal FRC & Donegal ETB that will provide enough information and guidance to allow you to make a confident start with your beekeeping.

During the course we will cover:

The social organisation of a colony
Hives and other equipment
Looking after your honeybees through the year
Where to obtain your bees and equipment
Honey and beeswax from the hive
Where to keep your honeybees
Keeping your bees healthy
Flowers for bees

Practical Sessions in the ACTIVE SEASON at our Apiary
Later in the active season we will offer practical sessions (held again in our Apiary at Blissberry Social Farm Mountcharles) which will focus on honeybee handling and management skills.

Class size for the practical sessions will be kept small (maximum of 12) to ensure you have ample opportunity to gain hands on experience. A bee suit/fail will be provided for you to use during these sessions.

Further info from Derek Byrne (085) 174 0647 or Peter O’Connor @sthDonegalBees


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