First Course in 2014 starts this Saturday 26th April at Blissberry Apiary Mountcharles by South Donegal Beekeepers Association members Derek Byrne and Peter O’Connor

Out first beekeeping course at our Apiary at Blissberry Social Farm Mountcharles will be delivered by Derek Byrne and Peter O’Connor South Donegal Beekeepers Association for local community members who wish to start keeping bees and for those local beekeepers who wished to improve their beekeeping skills.

Workshops will give participants an overview of the craft of beekeeping, starting with a presentation about honeybees, followed by a guided tour with practical demonstrations at our new Apiary – which will allow all the opportunity to get up close to our bees!

Separate practical sessions will take place down at the apiary during the active hands on sessions which will focus on bee handling and management skills.

Class size for these practical sessions will be kept small to ensure everyone gets ample opportunity to gain hands on experience. Bee suits REQUIRED through support from Donegal Family Resource Centre, Donegal ETB and Donegal Bees will be provided for use during these sessions.

Contact Larry at 087 7642917 for further information


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