Blissberry Healthy Gardening Programme 2014 celebrates start of season.

Every TUESDAY 10.30 during the growing season at Blissberry Farm

Are you interested in gardening? Or have you ever wanted to become involved in a community garden? Then consider coming along to Blissberry Social Farm this summer.

Located along the Rock Road near (keep left) the intersection at Doorin Line and crossing to Eagles Nest the Garden allows new and experienced gardeners to work in a safe and friendly environment. It allows anyone to try their hand at gardening and enables people to learn from and connect with one another while gardening. Tea breaks are essential!

The Garden started with Donegal Family Resource Centre. Since its creation last year the Garden has generated a lot of positive community involvement, and those who are interested in gardening are encouraged to try it out.

While the Garden cannot technically be considered an organic garden, commercial pesticides are not allowed.

The Garden survives on volunteer participation. All plot holders are expected to help in some way. One can help by keeping the common areas groomed, pitching in on improvement projects, and helping new members.

James McCrudden our ‘resident gardener’ from Donegal ETB will be on site every Tuesday to demonstrate and share garden advice.

Latest addition …
We hope to have our new bulletin board on our website (very shortly) which will display. bulletins on current garden pests and practices plus compost, rainwater collection. It aims to demonstrate ‘rabbit & hare’ exclusion techniques and much more ….

For more information, call Larry at 087 7642917


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