Local Food, Less Food Miles and much more …

Why should YOU come along to Blissberry Healthy Gardening Programme next Tuesday 15th April and then continue right through the growing season.

Because we at Blissberry Social Farm in collaboration with Donegal Family Resource Centre in association with Donegal ETB can help improve local food production – and keeping all those food miles low – for participants by increasing physical and economic access to adequate amounts of healthy food. Here at Blissberry Farm the healthy gardening programme provides health, economic, educational, social, and environmental benefits to participants and the community at large.

So we aim through the Healthy Gardening programme to:

Provide fresh, healthy, low-cost seasonal food

Encourage physical activity

Create a social gathering place without walls for the community and encourage the
sharing of intergenerational knowledge

Enable participants to learn basic gardening skills, from sowing seeds to harvesting, and to better understand their food system

Provide a welcoming space for all participants to build self-confidence, wellness, and personal skills and

Help improve the local environment by preserving and growing green space and by encouraging people to act as local stewards.

More info from Larry 087 7642917



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