Don’t try to make an isolate island!

Blissberry Social Farm, South Donegal Beekeepers Association and Leghowney Country Market believes no community can go it alone!

What’s needed is more continued collaborations with communities just like our Apiary Project at Blissberry Farm Mountcharles.

If you stop and think one of every three bites of food we eat depends on the honey bee so in order to produce local seasonal food the market needs producers and the producers needs bees and our local farmers and producers need training in order to keep bees – so it is very important that communities in Donegal recognise their interdependence with other resilient communities and don’t try to do an isolate island because that’s not going to work.

We also welcome new resilient organisations like ‘ChangeMakers Donegal’ more about this later.

In the past traders, monks, wandering minstrels and others, all brought news from the outside world to people who rarely travelled far themselves. Today, the globalised economy and internet means that many take for granted instant access to news, online shops, and the ability to stay in touch with friends who may live very far away.

However, there are down-sides.

Instead of too little information, the experience of the internet can feel like we’re drowning in it. And there are many, especially in remote and rural communities, who aren’t able to access technology and services.

Transition Network ( is another inspiration: a bottom-up initiative resourced primary from the passion, skills and dedication of volunteers; meanwhile the transition towns movement is a powerful example of
an international grassroots network that is beginning to transform places on the basis of a hard-headed analysis
of the local risks from the future impacts of the combined global trends of climate change and peak oil production. Self-organising groups tackle the initiatives they are most interested in, informed by a whole community ‘energy descent action plan’ which has set a guiding vision for how local people can take responsibility for building resilience over a period of twenty years or so. This ‘scenarios’ approach to community planning is a feature of many community resilience initiatives and resources.

More later

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