#socialfarming #eco-wellbeing -BETTER MENTAL HEALTH through Green Activities at Blissberry Farm

At Blissberry Social Farm we aim to raise awareness of what well being is, and what’s its determinants are, and encourage uptake of well-being promoting activity, such as the five ways to well being and by sharing skills and opportunities to influence determinants.

Five ways to Wellbeing

Connect (with green farm space & nature & people not technology)
“Social isolation increases ill health and death rates”

Be active
“Not being active makes us depressed because we are evolved to be active”

Keep learning
“Those with more open minds are happier not only because they mentally vigorous but also because they gain a renewed sense of mastery”

“It can be about thinking ahead and how to give a healthy planet to future generations, as yet unborn”

Take notice (linked to ‘mindfulness’ concept)
“The more you relate to nature, the more positive your emotions and the greater your life satisfaction”


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