#SOCIALFARMING and education in a working farm environment.

Here is a good example in the UK of a Social Farm* as an education and working farm environment.

Longlands Care Farm provides care and support in the context of meaningful work to help vulnerable young people.

Our aim is to provide access to vocational experiences and qualifications in a working farm environment for young people who are not succeeding in formal education, and others who require specific support to enable them to take part in social and employment environments.

Longlands is a 180 acre organic livestock farm set in the beautiful countryside of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire borders. The farm comprises fields, pastures, streams, hedges, orchards and woodland. It is home to a herd of pedigree Beef Shorthorn cattle, a flock of Lleyn sheep, ponies and working dogs, pigs and poultry.

The environment is perfect for people to benefit from being in the heart of the countryside, working with and caring for the many animals and being part of a working farm business.

*A movement that began in Holland is spreading around the world. It goes by several names—“Care Farming,” “Green Care,” “Farming for Health,” and “SOCIAL FARMING”. Basically farms partner with health care agencies to provide recreational and work-related activities for people with disabilities, mental health recovery, drug addicts, disaffected youth, elderly people, social service clients.


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