For those participants who struggle, the social farm could be the lifeline.

Social Farming – farm related activities and much more . . .

Have you ever been working in a garden and felt the satisfaction of helping something to grow? Or seen animals grazing in the fields and felt an overwhelming sense of peace?

Social farming provides health, social or educational benefits through the provision of a structured programme of farming-related activities. It is the therapy of bringing people in touch with themselves, each other, their natural environment and restoring a sense of belonging and fulfillment by using nature for the enhancement of psychological wellbeing.

The restorative, health and educational values of farming are beginning to be recognised today.

Social Farms are bringing to participants a sense of well-being and self-worth which many have never experienced before. The connection with animals, with the soil and with Nature can have the most profound impact. Apart from the importance of reconnecting participants with Nature, the soil and where seasonal wholesome food comes from, they can give to participants an experience of growing and an understanding of farming which will serve them throughout their lives, especially when they begin to make decisions as consumers.

For those participants who struggle, the social farm could be the lifeline.

If social farming is an area that you are keen to know more about either in terms of helping us to provide social farming or as a care services group that would benefit from our facilities, please get in touch.

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