Our local economy will be excited in 2014 by local food partnerships supporting local businesses @blissberryfarm

Our local economy will be excited in 2014 by local food partnerships supporting local businesses @blissberryfarm

Blissberry Social Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme will allow YOU to have direct access to high quality, fresh seasonal produce grown locally in 2014.

Blissberry Farm Mountcharles will offer opportunities for people to meet in different ways and will continue to address important community issues through our new CSA initiative and Healthy Gardening Programme 2014.

James McCrudden (our resident Healthy Gardening Programme Gardener and fellow Country Market founder and local producer) and I will continue again in 2014 to take on the task of helping to re-educate new green fingers participants in how to shift diets, healthy minds and bodies to include more fresh produce when it is in season and how to store or preserve for winter months. Our ‘Seed to Plate Healthy Gardening Programme’ will start early 2014 – more about that later.


We at Blissberry Farm believe our new CSA Initiative is about health. Healthy soil means healthy food to us. When no herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers are used, ground water pollution and toxic residues on food are avoided. Our CSA will give members the chance to choose how their food is grown. Eating locally grown, freshly harvested food is the basis of a healthy diet and is recommended by health-care professionals.

Our CSA scheme based at Blissberry Farm will offer the opportunity for members to reconnect with rhythms of nature by eating local produce when it is in season. We believe people who join CSAs find a meaningful way to reunite with the Earth and a community and discover a kind of spiritual nourishment which they have been missing.

Our CSA scheme is also about ecology. We believe the Earth is a living Being and the actions of every individual have an effect on the whole. The soil is the basis of all human life and the quality of its care and health affect not only the people who eat the food today, but also those who will depend on the soil in the future. Even though our rural population is engaged in farming, the proper tending of the environment is the concern and responsibility of every individual. It is in the consumer’s interest that farmers are supported so that they can grow the highest quality, most nutritious food while preserving the highest environmental quality and soil health.

Last year, we heard our participants at Blissberry Healthy Gardening Programme say “it’s about community, social, fun and a lot more”. We believe our ‘Seed to Plate’ Healthy Gardening participants and our new CSA members are interested in MORE than vegetables: they want to know they are working with a local producer and grower who shares their environmental and social concerns, and are very much interested in their fellow CSA shareholders. Wider community participants are welcome to our CSA Initiative, our ‘Seed to Plate’ Healthy Gardening Programme and the many more activities planned for 2014. During the year we propose to host local groups for nature and countryside walks, studies and guides, bee keeping courses, local and global development awareness workshops in the garden and at our Blissberry Social Farm / South Donegal Beekeepers Association Apiary.

Blissberry Social Farm is about strengthening a sense of community. We intend to have a 2014 Blissberry Social Farm Newsletter to let people know what’s going on in the garden, share recipes, and announce things of common interest or concern and social events.


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