Blissberry Social Farm Supporting MAN UP

@blissberryfarm Supporting MAN UP

This MAN UP Campaign seeks to help make Ireland a safe place for women and children. It acknowledges that most men celebrate and respect women – they don’t control them. Good men protect and care for children. In this MAN UP campaign, men are proudly standing up and declaring zero tolerance on domestic violence of any kind.

It follows on from an international conference held in Dublin in April 2013 where Michael Kaufman, Director of International White Ribbon Campaign, challenged us all to consider our attitudes and behaviour and our silence in the face of violence against women in particular. The Conference noted the emotional and psychological impact of domestic violence on children. It also noted that violence against women is the number one cause of death of women between 15-44 years worldwide.

Donegal Local Development Company is working collaboratively with Donegal Domestic Violence Service, Letterkenny Rape Crisis Centre, Donegal Women’s Network and Letterkenny Women’s centre to launch this campaign in Donegal and ARE seek your support in doing so.

In Ireland, nearly 8,000 women and over 3,000 children looked for support from a domestic violence support service in just one year. This is a horrific statistic.
This means that at least 8,000 men were assaulting, raping or bullying women and children in that year.
This is not just a horrific statistic. This is a horrific crime.

MAN UP is putting the warped rationale of the men who abuse women, and the crimes they commit, out in the open. The more the perverse message of abusers is shared beyond the privacy of closed doors, the more it will be exposed, challenged and changed.
The messages that headline the MAN UP campaign – stories of control, violence and sexual abuse – they are disturbing. They’re blunt. They’re direct. They’re unsettling. But they’re true.

MAN UP is also based on evidence from SAFE Ireland trauma research that shows that long-term abuse and control activates a “freeze mechanism”. This means that women often resiliently carry on living within unhealthy and unsafe relationships – walking on egg-shells everyday – without seeing that home is where the hurt is.
It is only when something out of the ordinary finally resonates with a woman – a trigger that allows her to unfreeze – that is the moment she realizes that she does not have to live with abuse and control.

MAN UP, with your support, can be that trigger.

MAN UP is the first Irish campaign to follow the new national public awareness guidelines, developed by SAFE Ireland and RCNI, and published by COSC (the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence). The guidelines recommend shifting the focus of awareness raising to perpetrator behaviour and bystander awareness while also providing information to survivors.

Please consider adding your name to this campaign. I have attached the link to their website


Larry Masterson

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