Change Makers DONEGAL


Yesterday I was with a number of likeminded people in Bundoran (from OurGANIC Gardens Gortahork; Glor na Mara Community Gardens Bundoran; Bundoran Transition Town; Blissberry Social Farm and Donegal Change Makers) who are greatly interested in awareness and understanding of global and local issues.

I imagine that most of YOU share this interest.

So want to know more . . .

Well yesterday Kate Wilkinson Change Makers DONEGAL Coordinator informed us about this exciting and innovative Development Education Project now in its second year having received further funding from Irish Aid.

Kate said “Donegal Change Makers objective is to raise adult awareness of the rapidly- changing, inter-connected world we live in. The project is supporting people in County Donegal to take action for a more just world. Development Education helps us to analyse and investigate the link between local and global issues and to take action. It’s all about increasing people’s awareness and understanding of global issues and of the interdependence of different countries and parts of the world in relation to those issues.  In particular it’s about what sustains underdevelopment and what is needed to reach and sustain more equal development.  It is an education based on reflection, analysis and action at local and global level”.

How can you get involved?

– Support DONEGAL CHANGE MAKERS public events.

– Join DONEGAL CHANGE MAKERS network Donegal/300233550083659

– Tell people about the project – general awareness raising

– Recommend the FETAC Course to appropriate people

– Other ideas contact DONEGAL CHANGE MAKERS

For further information

or call Kate Wilkinson at 074 93 62218



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