Becoming more mindful @BLISSBERRYFARM


“Mindfulness is the practice of giving our full, open-hearted attentiveness to what is immediately occurring; physically and mentally, both within and around us.” – Tarchin Hearn


Described in this way, it is clear that mindfulness has more to do with just the mind. First and foremost it is about being attentive to the physical sensations that occur in our bodies and noting how these shift and change in response to behaviours, mind states, emotions and environmental conditions.

When we feel present and grounded in our body, we become more effortlessly here with life as it is occurring, our mind becomes less distracted by conflicting obligations, and we feel more alive through our five senses.

We are fully here and available for the circumstances of our lives – physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally. A kind of mind-body heartfulness!

Mindfulness refers to the mental attention that is required to be fully aware of our lives. In this sense, mindfulness is not the goal, but the basis from which we engage with life.

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