EU funding for community-led action on sustainability 2014

EU funding for community-led action on sustainability 2014

AEIDL has published a short briefing note on Community-Led Local Development (CLLD), which explains how local groups wishing to promote a sustainable development project or initiative could benefit from this new EU funding instrument.

In January 2014, the EU will launch a series of new funding initiatives, one of which, CLLD, could provide direct opportunities to fund sustainable local development projects and initiatives.

Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) in the EU context is an approach to local development that involves local partners (from the public, private and community sectors) working together to develop and implement a local development strategy that respond to local needs and opportunities.

This approach builds on the experience of the EU LEADER programme. Local partnerships engaged in CLLD can become the local delivery agents for EU funds, which are directed towards projects and initiatives that support the implementation of the local development strategy.

Download the note

Source: ENRD Contact Point source AEIDL 7 11 13


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