Blissberry Social Farm keen to identify and build social and community partnerships which offer strong benefits to both parties . . .

In addition to the working farm at Blissberry we are committed to functioning as a community facility, a social centre without walls, providing access to ‘green health & education and supporting people to reconnect with the rural environment around them.

Exciting new developments are planned for the future and and our new latest additions to Blissberry Social Farm are – our ‘Healthy Gardening Programme 2014′,’ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)’,  ‘Basic Introduction to Beekeeping at our @sthDonegal Beekeepers Apiary’, ‘Mindful Awareness’, ‘Health &  Wellbeing Day’, and ‘Ecotherapy & Green Conservation in our Woodland’

Visitors are always welcome by appointment and we have regular open days and other events. Details are published both on this website and on Twitter @blissberryfarm

Other new programmes will take place as soon as funding allows and we will extend these opportunities to the wider community.

We collaborate and work in partnership with other local agencies like the Donegal Family Resource Centre, HSE West Health Promotion Programme, Donegal ETB ( formally known in the past as Donegal VEC) and we are always keen to meet new partners and discuss how we might work together.

Contact Larry at 087 7642917 or



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