Leghowney Country Market

Announcement…..Announcement…….Announcement from Leghowney Country Market.
Believe it or not folks it is only 12 weeks to Christmas…..Shock…..Horror!!
Well this year we want to make it a “Local Christmas”. We want to organise the BEST EVER LOCAL CHRISTMAS FAIR. Thats why we are putting out this call for ALL local crafts people artisan producers or anybody that has a locally manufactured product to sell and would like to showcase it here in Leghowney. You all know the criteria- IT MUST BE HANDMADE. We don’t do plastic or “Made in Taiwan” (no offence intended) here in Leghowney. So if you wish to showcase your product here in Lehowney -Just get in touch with us. We promise we will facillitate you.
We are now taking Xmas orders for all your Christmas goodies-Just tell us when you call in and remember Daniel can look after your Cristmas dinner needs with turkeys and gammons galore. We apologise folks if this sounds early but you must realise that we have a lot of planning to do to make it feasible. You to can help us just by the usual “like and share”. Pass it around for us please.


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