Down in the Hazelwood at Blissberry Farm


October brings in wonderful things like cool snaps, decreasing temperatures and autumn festivals. While I realise that Autumn technically starts in September, it is during the month of October that I really feel like autumn is upon us. Leaves start turning and falling off the trees and I can hear the crunch of them as I shuffle down the lane to the shore. For many birds, it is time to seek out safe refuges or feeding grounds for the forthcoming rigours of winter. During the summer and early autumn, robins are generally unobtrusive. This is partly because feeding is relatively easy at this time and birds that already occupy a territory are rarely challenged for ownership by other adults. As Autumn progresses, however, young from this years broods will be looking for territories of their own.
With its high-pitched warbling song and ‘tick-tick-tick’ calls the robin become more noticeable in October. You will also hear them in full song at this time, as they go to great lengths to advertise their territory. You may even see the occasional skirmish between individuals. Unlike many other small songbirds, male robins will guard their territory throughout the year. Elaborate displays that emphasise their red breast act as a warning to deter intruders trespassing on their patch. It is essential to guard the rights to areas that provide good feeding and roosting potential as these may be vital in seeing them through the winter.


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