Share It with Others (The Best Things in Life Are Free)

A Blissberry moment . . .

Seizing the day is taking hope in your own life. It is acknowledging what is really important to you and taking action to live it in a way that is true to yourself. It means taking a risk, stepping out against the tide. It demands guts, the courage to be open, to believe enough in yourself to let go, to allow yourself to be changed. There is no place here for the faint hearted. It is to plunge in without guarantees to undergo an experience and then to uncover its meaning. It is a decision to take a new road not being sure where it may lead. But it does not have to be a lonely experience or a solitary plunge into the unknown. Other men and women who also due to dream and act become our companions on our journey. We walk together sharing the joys and excitements, the pain and frustrations. Thus our new vision is forged out of our experience of living, at the cutting edge of life  . . .

THANKS ‘Paul from GROW’ for yesterday in Letterkenny

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