You’ve heard what you sow you shall reap and in my mind today a very popular statement and indeed  a very natural one too.

So if you plant onion seed, you shall get onions!

Now there are many lessons you can learn from doing that for example what you put in the ground is what you’ll get out of it, another lesson is that you will always get more than what you put in the ground.

This principle applies very much so here at Blissberry Social Farm and  so to everyday human interactions, think . . . have you ever had a stranger smile at you? What was your response? I can bet that you smiled back. That is called “the seed of a smile”, the stranger sowed a smile and got it right back and most likely got more in the form of a hello? and so on . . .

So what are you sowing today in your daily interactions with people, whether at home or in the village, or the countryside or at work . . . wherever, what are you giving out?
What does your smile (or lack of it) say?

What responses are you getting?

If you don’t like what you are receiving, try changing what you’re giving.

Give a smile today, a word of praise, a word of encouragement, show kindness, care, and love, and I can assure you that you will get all that and more because it’s all in a seed!


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