Carol O’ Callaghan GREEN KITCHEN

Carol O' Callaghan GREEN KITCHEN


A community group project with HSE West Healthy Gardening Programme and Donegal VEC, in collaboration with Donegal Family Resource Centre..

Blissberry Social Farm Mountcharles had a great idea to convert a fertile piece of land within Blissberry Farm into a communal vegetable garden to promote healthy living within rural communities in South Donegal. We are delighted to say it worked well!

We saw the garden as a great way for community members to meet, share, and collaborate on fun yet constructive green activities. The idea of growing vegetables resonated with us, and we saw an opportunity to take the garden one step further. We challenged ourselves to redesign the garden in a way that not only enables people to grow food, but also lets them cook and prepare it, and enjoy outdoor meals with family, friends, or other members in the community.
By doing so, community members will be attracted to the garden, and will have the chance to meet others both casually and in group events. Also, the heightened interest in the garden will translate into more and stronger commitments to plots.


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