Blissberry Farm

If you go down to the woods today I wonder what you would fine.

“The the ancient Celts, hazelnuts were the epitome of concentrated wisdom and poetic inspiration. This is very much in evidence when you consider that Celtic word for these nuts was cno which is very similar to the word for wisdom –cnocach. There is an old Celtic tale which speaks of nine trees that grow around a sacred pool, each dropping nuts into the water. Each nut was eaten by some salmon,a fish that was greatly revered by the Druids. The number of bright spots on the salmon were said to indicate how many nuts they had eaten. Ancient rites often used Hazelnuts as a means to receive visions or clairvoyance. Healers used the nuts as a symbol of fertility. Early doctors used hazelnut oil for toothaches. To clear a stubborn cough, the nuts were finely powdered and mixed with honey and water while hazelnuts also provided a plentiful and easily stored source of protein for our Celtic ancestors who often ground them up to be mixed with flour and made into nourishing breads. Today we still continue to love hazelnuts, although most people don’t value them for their wisdom anymore. Instead, we find them in such “luxury foods” as chocolate and as hazelnut butter, and as a Christmas delicacy.”



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