Blissberry Healthy Gardening Programme

The future of our eco-system is dependent upon the honeybee’s survival. Every hive, every bee, every season counts in keeping the population levels viable. Without bees our food supply and environment would suffer, and we are opening this apiary with the goal of promoting the local beekeeping movement, our local country market and educating people about the many wonderful contributions that bees make. Bees are not only excellent honey-makers, but they serve a critical environmental role in the ecosystem, pollinating the millions of flowering plants and trees in our family farms and communities. In keeping with the working farm, our social farm programme and the expansion of South Donegal Beekeepers Association collaboration with Blissberry this Apiary Project we will not only provide great wild honey and wax products, but also, we have collaborative plans for ongoing community educational programmes that would interest individuals and community gardening groups – highlighting the importance of local beekeeping and country markets

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