“Bee”haviour and the seasonal needs of Honey Bees talk and demonstration at Blissberry Farm Doorin Mountcharles

Did you know?

Honey Bees share out jobs based on their age. For example, worker bees that are 1-2 days old spend their time cleaning sells, starting with the one they were born in, as well as keeping the brood warm; from 3-5 days old, they feed older larvae; from 6-11 days old, they feed the youngest larvae; from 12-17 days old, they produce wax, buildcombs, carry food and perform undertaker duties; from16-21 days old , they get guard duty, protecting the hive enterance; from 22 days on until their death at around 40 -50 days, they get to fly from the hive collecting pollen, nectar, water, pollinating plants and things of this nature . . . . . .

Interested in learning more about the amazing honey bee?

Then why not come along to Blissberry Farm to meet and listen to Philip McCabe from RTE’s Radio One Mooney Goes Wild Programme at Blissberry Farm Doorin Mountcharles on Saturday 10th August next at 12pm.

Quick witted with a rapid fire delivery, he has one of the most recognisable voices in Ireland thanks to his radio broadcasts on such diverse topics as the Irish social welfare and taxation systems, money management – and bees!

At Blissberry Farm and in partnership with South Donegal Beekeepers Association we believe bees are critical to successful farming and the key to pollination not only of our fruits and vegetables, but those of the surrounding countryside and our community.

So we felt that with the recent stress bees have been under, it was best to ensure the presence of bees in our area, and are happy to encourage others to take up beekeeping in the future!

So in collaboration with South Donegal Beekeepers Association we at Blissberry Farm invite the public along to the official opening of Blissberry Apiary and workshop by Philip. This workshop will cover the basics of hive management, “bee”haviour, and the seasonal needs of honey bees.

The first half of the workshop will centre on hive components, tools and practices. The last half will be out in the apiary opening up several hives and talking about what is happening inside.

If the weather is bad the lectures and demo will be held indoors.


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